Performance Upgrade


Get connected and advance to performance management with up to 40% operational savings

Armstrong’s  Design Envelope Controller Upgrade is a unique retrofit solution that upgrades the screen of the pump, and leaves the existing casing in place. 

Armstrong offers a limited time opportunity to upgrade your pump operation with advanced control features and connection to our IoT enabled analytics solution. 

With this exciting offer, owners of Design Envelope Generation 3.1 pumps with IVS-102 controller can access the features and benefits of our most innovative pump yet.

  • Replacement of each IVS-102 controller with a Design Envelop Pump Controller (DEPC).
  • Advanced control options: Parallel Sensorless, Auto-Flow Balancing, Dual Season Setup.
  • Engineered mapping to DEPC controller based on original operating conditions.
  • Performance test report.
  • 7 days post installation tracking ensuring optimal operation
  • Installation by an Armstrong technician*.
  • Pump Manager Professional analytics solution (free trial until December 31st, 2018).
  • Complete IoT connectivity package**.

key features

New Controller Features

  • Intuitive, touch screen user interface
  • Webserver access
  • BacNet ip protocol
  • Trend history of 30 days
  • Embedded accelerometer
  • Remote pump configuration

  • Pump manager

    Pump Manager is a cloudbased service that connects operators to Design Envelope pumps, providing real-time insights based on operating data. Powered by IBM Watson analytics platform, Pump Manager brings insights to the palm of your hand.


    Reduce Operating Costs

    Continuous optimization for maximum energy efficiency
    Lower maintenance costs

    Increase Availability and Reliability

    Reduce unexpected failures
    Early problem detection 
    Faster return to service

    Improve Tenant Comfort and Productivity

    Keep flows in the desired range, reducing temperature swings

    Improve Building Resilience

    Make informed capital investment decisions




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