Design Envelope Technology

Optimum life-time building performance

Design Envelope technology is at the core of Armstrong’s groundbreaking activities of ‘Making Energy Make Sense’. Design Envelope technology enables the greenest, most flexible and most cost effective fluid-flow and HVAC systems on the planet – resulting in both, lowest installed and lowest operating cost with the same equipment.

Design Envelope technology replaces mechanical components with electronics and software intelligence in order to downsize equipment and optimize part-load performance. Most fluid-flow and HVAC systems in buildings operate at less than 60 percent 95 percent of the time – with less than 2 percent of operating time spent in full-load mode!

By exploiting this truth Armstrong Design Envelope technology frequently has boosted fluid-flow and HVAC performance by 50% or more compared to conventional technology and operating principles – in many instances right from the get go! On a building performance level this translates into substantial improvements in Afford-ability, Flex-ability, Sustain-ability, and Live-ability – the four key benefit areas of Design Envelope technology.

Since first deployed in Armstrong key products in 2007, Armstrong Design Envelope technology has led to impressive performance improvements across hundreds of installations around the world. Related savings in energy, cost and carbon emissions are documented on our Energy Savings Dashboard. The Armstrong Energy Savings Dashboard is continuously updated based on actual Design Envelope product shipments as well as our documented before-and-after performance evaluation process.

Need to provide a comfortable & responsive indoor environment for your tenants and customers?

Your living, office, or commercial space is optimally conditioned regardless of current usage, weather, and building or site design modifications.

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A government facility case study

Armstrong designed and constructed four factory-assembled, packaged plant rooms based on the Design Envelope Modular Boiler System (MBS) to replace an outdated oil-fired boiler house.

Off-site manufacture shortened project timelines and allowed the existing heating system to stay in operation until the new MBS installation was ready. As a result, Hutton Hall could be kept open as normal during the entire retrofit process. With the new MBS Hutton Hall staff and visitors now enjoy much better heat delivery and distribution at a fraction of the former operating cost.

Reduced energy costs per year

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