Project Assist

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Project Assist

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Project Assist

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Planning and design of large commercial or industrial HVAC and/or control systems, such as iFMS, IPS, IPC, Opti-VisorTM and IPP

  • Description

    The Armstrong Project Assist service provides professional project management ensuring Armstrong equipment is scheduled, delivered and installed to the highest possible standards. Project Assist is included as a complementary service with most Armstrong HVAC packages and control systems.

  • Configuration

    Custom service

  • Performance Range

    Service available for plant and controls projects of all sizes

On-time project implementation and commissioning

  • Project Assist master schedule establishes the timeline and critical path to be followed to keep the project on track 
  • Comprehensive progress reports are prepared and circulated in concert with all progress meetings 
  • Coordination with any applicable trades or other vendors to ensure appropriate resources are on-site as needed 
  • Completed checklists are provided to customers upon successful project commissioning
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


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