IVS 102 Intelligent Variable Speed controller

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IVS 102 Intelligent Variable Speed controller

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IVS 102 Intelligent Variable Speed controller
IVS 102 Intelligent Variable Speed controller - LineDrawing

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Retrofit/ upgrade for HVAC-system pumping, general pumping, and industrial/ process pumping

  • Description

    Intelligent Variable Speed controller to upgrade new and existing constant speed or variable-frequency operated pumps

  • Materials

    Aluminum dye-cast, polymers, electronic circuitry

  • Configuration

    Available in UL type 1 (general purpose), UL type 12 (integrated controls / water contact probability), and UL type 4X (outdoor applications)

  • Performance Range

    Available for 1hp to 1250 hp (0.75 kW to 900 kW) motor control

  • Temperature

    115°F (45°C) daily average

Material and labour savings during project installation; energy, cost and carbon savings during operation (over standard pumping practice such as constant speed or variable-frequency drives)

  • Sensorless control eliminates the need for sensors, wiring and time-consuming commissioning 
  • Software intelligence emulates typical sensor-based pumping system control (with differential pressure sensor at the most remote load)
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Reduced project and regulatory risks

  • Proven technology used in Armstrong products since 1999
  • Mounting directly onto properly equipped pumping unit (similar to Armstrong Design Envelope pumps)
  • Support of ASHRAE 90.1 energy saving targets (in conjunction with properly matched pumping unit)
  • Pre-approval for seismic applications under OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development, California)

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