E.2 Circulators

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E.2 Circulators

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Design Envelope 4300 Front
Design Envelope 4300 Front
Design Envelope 4300 Front
E2 Circulators

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Heating or cooling systems, such as hot water, geothermal, radiant panel and snow melting in large residential and light commercial installations. 

  • Description

    The Armstrong E.2 circulators draw on advanced motor technology and efficient hydraulic design to achieve excellent wire-to-water duty point efficiencies

  • Materials

    Cast iron and lead-free bronze volutes

  • Configuration

    50 Hz and 60 Hz designs

  • Performance Range

    Up to 140 USgpm flow; up to 60 ft head

  • Temperature

    Max fluid temp 110°C

  • Power

    1/6 hp to 2/5 hp (125 W to 300 W)

  • Size

    3/4” – 3”

Easy installation and upgrades

  •  Compact design minimizes flange-to-flange dimensions 
  •  Spool pieces provide compatibility with a wide range of competing circulators
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Leading duty point efficiency

  • Advanced, high efficiency dry motor 
  •  Efficient hydraulics design
Case studies

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Long-term performance

  • Lasting components and refined product design for extended durability and low lifetime cost



Easy maintenance and repair

  • Easy access to mechanical seal
  • Seal replacement in less than five minutes
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E.2 Circulators - technical brochure

E.2 Circulators - technical brochure (French)

E.2 Circulators - technical brochure (Polish)

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