AGE3 wet rotor circulator

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AGE3 wet rotor circulator

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AGE3 circulator

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Heating and cooling applications

  • Description

    The Armstrong AGE3 is a high-efficiency, variable speed wet rotor Circulator with ECM technology and permanent magnet rotor. It offers operating flexibility and an industry-leading feature set to support a wide range of heating and cooling applications.

  • MaterialsCast iron and bronze volutes.

  • ConfigurationSix operation modes with “Auto” mode, 0-10V external speed control, duty-standby 
  • Performance Range

    Up to 72m3/h (20 l/s) flow; up to 16m (156 Kpa) head

  • Temperature

    Max ambient temp. +40°C; max fluid temp. +110°C

  • Power

    From 90W to 1600W

  • Size
    Threaded connection 25mm, 30mm ports and flanged from 32mm to 100mm 

Complete optimized range

  • An optimized range carefully selected: Threaded models: up to 9m3/h (2.5 l/s) and Flanged models: up to 72m3/h (20.0 l/s)
  • Single head and twin head cast iron variable speed models and single head bronze variable speed and multi-speed models.

Low installed and operating cost

  • Industry standard dimensions and compact foot print design
  • Intuitive front control panels and push-in spring terminal block for much easier and faster installation compared to other circulator currently available.

Easy system setup and maintenance

  • The connectivity feature such as embedded webpage will allow access to the specific data for faster and optimized system setup and trouble shooting.

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