6800 HMP

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6800 HMP

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    New and retrofit water boosting installations in mid to large size residential, commercial, or industrial settings (such as apartment buildings, office towers, hospitals, hotels, schools, water treatment plants, factories, etc.)

  • Description

    The Armstrong 6800 HMP booster sets are fully-packaged, compact high-quality water boosting systems.

  • Materials

    Stainless steel (base frame, headers)

  • Configuration

    2 to 5 pumps mounted on base frame

  • Performance Range

    Up to 80 l/s flow; up to 16 bar pressure

Flexible and cost effective installation

  • Factory assembly plus compact design allow for fast and space-saving installation
  • Flexible configuration of 2 to 5 pumps per booster set accommodates a wide range of flow and head requirements

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General Assembly Drawings