4280 Motor Mounted Pumps

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4280 Motor Mounted Pumps

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4280 motor mounted pump
4280 motor mounted pump Sideview
4280 motor mounted pumps

  • Summary
  • ApplicationsHVAC-system pumping; light industrial/ process pumping
  • Description

    The Armstrong 4280 horizontal end-suction pumps are equipped with close-coupled motors to minimise footprint requirements.

  • Materials
    • Cast iron, ductile iron or bronze casing
    • Cast iron or bronze impeller
  • Configuration

    Inside single-spring mechanical seal

  • Performance RangeUp to 115 L/s (1,800 USgpm) flow; up to 120 m (400 ft)
  • Temperature

    121oC (250 oF) 

  • Power

    0.25 kW to 45 kW (0.33 hp to 60 hp) 

  • Size

    25 mm to 200 mm (1" to 8")

Best-in-class design

  • ANSI style centreline discharge casing eliminates casing vapour lock
  • Sintered silicon carbide mechanical seal seat for longer life
  • Confined casing gasket eliminates blow-outs
  • Pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings for convenient installation (simply pip, align, wire and start)
  • Motor feet mounting only needed with over-hung casing
  • Compact design

Low energy consumption

  • Armstrong 4280 pumps are equipped with high-efficiency NEMA-premium motors for significant reduction in energy consumption and cost
  • All motors are suitable for inverter-fed service

Low operating risk and cost

  • Universal replacement seals, bearing, and motors available locally world-wide
  • ANSI-style centreline discharge casing eliminates air binding
  • Pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings eliminate lubrication requirements

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