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New Solutions introduced at AHR Expo 2017

Armstrong is pleased to announce our new solutions. Our new offerings cover our complete Design Envelope pump range and our newest Performance Management service - Pump Manager.

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New Solutions from AHR Expo 2017

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Looking ahead, over 60% of today’s buildings will still be in use in 2050. Ensure your buildings and HVAC equipment give you the best performance and comfort possible – today and into the future.

Energy prices are rising, carbon reduction is here to stay, budgets are under scrutiny, and technology choices seem endless. We can help. 

Armstrong offers a variety of services to assist you in achieving the building performance you require – from evaluating where your system currently operates all the way through to developing and maintaining a high-performance solution.

We'll help with the design, manufacture and supply of the latest fluid flow and control technology for all your projects and installations. We'll tackle your HVAC, plumbing, fire safety, and building performance head on, and deliver the financial and environmental results you need to get ahead... and stay ahead!

Design and Building Services

Optimum building performance
each and every day. Together we are
Making Energy Make Sense.

Assess your building and HVAC performance

We thoroughly examine how and where energy is being used in your business and buildings and then tell you exactly where efficiencies and savings can be found.

Design and implement a high-performance solution

We put all the necessary expertise, time, and resources behind your specific project making sure you come away with the best, most efficient design. From there we see things through all the way to the full performing system exactly as you expect it.

Operate and maintain your new system

We stay with you through the entire life-cycle of your system to make sure performance stays on target no matter what. Our diagnostics and predictive maintenance allow us to identify problems before they can compromise your building and comfort.

Building Services and Design