Energy Upgrade

It's all about energy

The Paris Accord. Global Warming. Carbon Footprint. Energy Costs. Rebates. Legislation.

In commercial buildings, energy costs for HVAC represent 20% or more of total operating cost. In response to this market reality, Armstrong has developed an Energy Optimization Model for HVAC Mechanical Systems.

Regardless of where your building is in its lifecycle or where you are in your energy journey, Armstrong has the expertise and solutions to deliver improved energy performance and meaningful financial returns.

saving the planet -
one building at a time


Armstrong applies a proven methodology to guide and inform the process of optimizing your building performance. The process starts with forming a joint understanding of the challenges, opportunities, investment and potential returns. Options range from a mechanical room walkthrough right through to a comprehensive energy audit. Armed with that knowledge, we work with you to outline an overall plan. This could range from a simple engagement to confirm that the current system is already delivering optimal performance, through to a full system upgrade. For those situations where we do proceed with one or more projects, the process also focuses on the ongoing management and optimization of the energy performance. 

This simple approach allows us to address a multitude of scenarios:

  • “My equipment is energy obsolete”
  • “We have a new Green initiative in place, but I don't know where to start”
  • “We did a retrofit and we aren't seeing the efficiency improvements we expected”
  • “How do I make sense of the current legislation and all the available rebates?”
  • “I know my mechanical systems are obsolete, but I don't have any budget”

Whatever your current status and whatever your motivations may be for improving HVAC performance, we can help bring clarity to the situation, and help you with energy-saving solutions.

Comprehensive solutions

Armstrong provides a comprehensive portfolio of offerings from high performance equipment including pumps, domestic water boosters, heat exchangers and circulators, through to full HVAC System optimization products and services, delivering complete building Performance Management solutions. All of our solutions are complemented by our online Performance Management services, providing insight and control of system performance in real time. For situations where we proceed with one or more projects, the process also focuses on the on-going management and optimization of the energy performance.

Make the numbers work

Armstrong solutions offer aggressive energy savings. Factoring in the energy rebates available in many jurisdictions, retrofit projects using Armstrong solutions can offer payback in less than one year. Available financing options can match your payments to your energy savings, making the entire project cash positive. Armstrong even offers a Savings Guarantee on chiller plant optimization projects using the Armstrong Design Envelope Integrated Plant Control System (IPC) 11550 or Opti-VisorTM. In the unlikely event of a savings shortfall the Savings Guarantee pays three times the shortfall for the first year of operation, up to US$100,000!

Where to Start

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